There is a general suspicion that most plumbers keep the secrets to good plumbing maintenance to themselves, fearing that sharing them would affect their business negatively. But, we believe that dedicated plumbers who offer top class plumbing services should advise homeowners on the best maintenance practices too.

Why? Well, it can only be good for everyone. People not only want an efficient plumbing system in their homes, but one that they can rely on for as long as possible. In a large modern city like Brisbane, plumbing systems need to be cared for to remain efficient.

This is why we at Soul Plumbing have never hesitated to advise our customers on good home plumbing practices. We consider it as part of our plumbing services, playing our part in extending the longevity of our customers’ systems.

Top 5 Best Plumbing Practices

So, what are the best plumbing practices that residents in Brisbaneshould know? Plumbing systems, remember, can clog up very easily, so avoiding worsening the situation is the wisest policy all round. Of course, homeowners should still call the professional plumbing service providers when necessary, but in any case, here are our top 5 best practices:

1. Check Your Water Pressure

We know that most people love power showers and hate seeing water dribble from kitchen taps. But, maintaining a realistic water pressure is crucial to your plumbing system’s longevity. All too frequently in Brisbane, plumbing professionals are called in because high water pressure has stressed the pipes to the breaking point. Measuring water pressure is pretty easy. Just buy a pressure gauge and attach it to a tap and make sure the pressure is no more than 500kPa (72psi).

2. Watch Your Drain Waste

Keep in mind that what you allow down your drains will cause havoc later. If you want to reduce your dependency on professional plumbing services, simply reduce the amount of damaging substances that you cast them. So, in the kitchen sink, don’t throw in food scraps or grease, clear drains of hair in the bath and shower and refrain from using too much toilet paper. Families might find it hard to stick to these steps, but you can install drain screens to catch the items.

3. Chemical Drain Cleaners are Not Good

Manufacturers will swear blind that their chemical drain cleaners are the bees’ knees – but this is not always the case. In Brisbane, plumbing problems like clogged drains are very common, but using a chemical drain cleaner can do more damage than good, eroding the iron drainpipes over time. If you can’t get in to remove the problem yourself, it’s better to call in Soul Plumbing.

4. Avoid Chlorine Tablets

If you use chlorine tablets in your toilet tank then, this will also likely cause more trouble than good. Chlorine is used to refresh the water as it’s stored for toilet flushing, but the problem is that it eats away the rubber gaskets. This will eventually lead to minor leaks, but in time, the bathroom floor may need to be replaced, and you’ll need plumbing services to replace the toilet system.

5. Watch Your Water Hardness

Water hardness can have a real impact on the condition of a home’s plumbing system. Hard water is high in calcium and magnesium, which can cause a buildup of scale. Brisbane water is moderately hard (100ppm), which means plumbing services don’t have to deal with this problem much. If you do live in an area with hard water (140ppm+), then use water softening filter. But be careful. Soft water (60ppm and less) corrodes metal pipes, leading to regular replacements of plumbing system areas.