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Emergency Plumbing: Top 5 Call Out Problems

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No one can tell exactly when things can go wrong. One moment, you’ve got clean running water; the toilets are flushing, or the drains are clear; the next, a pipe has burst, the bathroom is flooded and the drains are blocked. This is when you need emergency plumbing.

At Soul Plumbing, we have been providing fast response emergency plumbing services to the city of Brisbane that time has proved completely reliable. Between our domestic customers and commercial customers, we have faced a wide selection of problems – and even some that are disastrous.

What are the most common emergencies that we have attended? We’ve put together a list (in no particular order) of the five most common emergencies. Remember that emergency plumbing covers just about everything we do – and we’re happy to answer the call. It’s part of our promise to deliver superior emergency plumbing services.

Our Top 5 Emergency Service Call Outs

Backed Up Toilets

This can be one of the nastiest problems faced by both home and business owners. A toilet that is backed up and will overflow when flushed is not just an inconvenience but a health hazard too, making emergency plumbing vital. Sometimes, the problem can be solved with a plunger, but oftentimes the blockage is located beyond the U-bend, requiring an expert who can remove the pipes and clear the blockage. Soul Plumbing’s emergency plumbing services can do so quickly and with the minimum fuss.

Blocked Drains

We notice that drains serving kitchens and bathrooms are the most likely to require emergency plumbing expertise. A blocked drain means flooding, and while a plunger can sometimes loosen up the blockage, the problem can often be much further in. It is not a good idea to pour chemical cleaners down the drain as the chemicals can corrode metal pipes. Instead, use emergency plumbing services to locate and clear the blockage safely.

Water Heater Problems

A water heater can break down for a variety of reasons. In some cases, it’s a broken water valve or a leakage, a broken element, or the water is in sickly rusted colour. Whatever the reason, Soul Plumbing is the company to contact to for your emergency plumbing needs. Our team of highly qualified and fully licensed plumbers is fully equipped to take care of your water heater problem on the spot. The ability to solve the issues immediately, whether it means replacing or repairing components, is an essential part of an emergency plumbing service that truly satisfies.

Leaking Taps

It seems like such a small problem, but it is certainly irritating. In fact, unless a leaking tap is tended to, the loss of water over an extended period can be surprisingly high – a fact usually confirmed in your water bill. Most people try to solve this problem themselves, but they are not always successful. Calling out emergency plumbing experts means getting professionals to identify the core issue, which might mean replacing the tap completely.

Hidden Pipes

Arguably, the most common image of a plumber at work is one lying under the kitchen sink clearing a blockage from pipes. While we’re no strangers to that scene, we have had to get into some tighter places as part of our emergency plumbing services. But the plumbing problems vary dramatically. Sometimes, it involves a corroded pipe, which necessitates a replacement, or a pipe that has been knocked out of place. Either way, locating the troublesome plumbing area behind the walls and at the back of closets is best left to the professionals.

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