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We found that the majority of calls that we have from Parkinson are about blocked drains, however, sometimes the drains were due to simple fixes. So we decided to create a special blocked drain Parkinson article about tips on possible causes and fixes for simple blocked drains.

Parkinson Blocked Drains – and how to fix them!

Everyone knows blocked drains can be inconvenient and nasty. Blocked drains hold an unwanted package of bacteria and can create bad odour, making blocked drains Parkinson an unwanted problem. After a Parkinson blocked drain, landowners or residents would most likely experience a foul smell and that irritation of not being able to use the taps, kitchen or bathroom. To add to the stress, if that Parkinson blocked drain isn’t treated soon, there will most likely be health and property issues stemming from that unwanted blocked drain.

This article will talk about some signs and causes of a blocked drain and how to fix it.

Signs of a blocked drain

  • Slow drainage of sinks, baths, showers and toilets.
  • Drains stop working
  • A warbling sound like a coffeepot.
  • An overflow of water coming back up into showers and baths.
  • An odour of dirt

Causes of a blocked drain Parkinson?

Your drainage structure was intended to move away left-over water, however, sometimes other substances can make their way into the pipelines that can build up and eventually create a blockage. Following are some of the causes that pave the way to Parkinson drain blockages.

Blocked Drains from Hair

The very basic blockage can, unfortunately, be built simply by shedding hair strands which are when washed can hold other heavy particles instead of going straight away and make a solid blockage. These hairs cause a lot of trouble down the pipelines. Hairs which fall while having a shower in the sink and from the body are the most common donors of hair blockage issues of the shower drains.

Blocked Drains from the Grease Build-up

The alternative of the hairs in the bathroom is the blockage with grease in the kitchen sinks. These greasy elements are a very common reason behind blocked drains and the pipes containing can be an irritation to sort out. Any of the substances with grease and fatty things when washed they stick inside the pipe down the sink and ultimately make a blockage where no liquid can pass now. Remember that these greasy elements aren’t removed as easily as it would seem.

Blocked Drains from Cosmetic products

As many people have the habit of disposing of cosmetic products in the drain, this habit can cause a huge problem for them such as a blockage in the pipes and sewers. Many people also flush the nappies and baby wipes down the toilet; this can also be turned into blockage drain. These items are absorbed in the water and moisture which leads to bigger and quicker blockage down the pipes and water drains.

Blocked Drains from Poor Water Flow

If the water is coming in small dribbles and not flowing like the normal water in the taps then it means there is a low pressure of water down the pipelines. Well, it won’t have any relation with water pipes but it may be the sign of some deposit build up. When the water flows through the pipes, it carries dissolved minerals which deposit on the metal surfaces. It’s common when the taps and shower heads become clogged reducing the water pressure.

Fats and oils

Current BBC news exposed the influence of oil and fats in our drain structures, occasionally constructing up to make ‘fatbergs’. These can be the reasons behind the severe obstacles which are very hard to get rid of. Fat and Oil, released from kitchen basins, can clot around hard substances tissues and food parts and other large items, at times founding a huge mass.

Various London fatbergs are sited in parts where high absorptions of take-out exits. Still, dumping of oils into the drain system also adds to these obstructions. All fats and oils should be cooled and then disposed of in the common garbage system. Fats and oils should not be dispensed down the sewer.

How to fix a blocked drain Parkinson

So you take away the left-over hair and grease that has stuck at the surface of the sewer… and then nothing happens. You also tried to use a nozzle or a plunger but it doesn’t have any effect. Here are some other easy methods and tricks that would definitely work.

The Bent Wire Hanger

Simple enough, but very effective. Put on some sanitary gloves as this could get a little messy. Take a common coat hanger and straighten out as much as you can. Then, curve one end over to make a small peg. Push this down the sewer cover and start spinning. Now, you should have got all kinds of hair and offensive things out of the sewer. Note that you always have to pull grease out, not pushing it downward. When you got the mixture out, pass the hot water, and it would clear things up well.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Make a mixture of a 1/3rd cup of vinegar with a 1/3rd cup of baking soda in a gauging cup. It will form bubbles instantly, and now without wasting any time pour it down the blocked drain. The bubbling action will benefit to take away the grease, hair, and dirt that have built up in the pipeline. Now, let this solution there for almost one hour or even overnight. Flush the pipe with hot water. On the other hand, add much of the dry baking soda in the solution as you can down the sewer first, then put on the vinegar.

Salt and Baking Soda

Well, you can also make a mixture of salt and baking soda. Make a mixture of 1/2 cup table salt with 1/2 cup baking soda and flow them down to the clogged sewer. Leave it for 10 to 20 minutes, and then pass the hot water down. The baking soda, salt and the boiling water will create a chemical reaction that will liquefy some of the most horrible blockages.

The above tricks are used for common and simple household blockages. After applying these methods, if the blocked drain is still there then you should call for your local Parkinson blocked drain plumbers.

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