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Soul Plumbing is proud to have serviced Fairfield residents and businesses for over 16 years with top quality standards and high customer satisfaction rates. If you are looking for a quality plumber at good value call us now on 0432 715 132. We are your local Fairfield plumber and offer a wide array of services including hot water system installation and repairs, Fairfield emergency plumbing, burst pipes and leaking pipes, clearing blocked drains, gas plumbing and maintenance, commercial plumbing and much more. What ever your Fairfield plumbing issue, we can come out and fix it straight away!

Common plumbing issues in Fairfield

We have received many call outs in Fairfield for emergency plumbing services due to burst pipes. If you are experiencing a burst pipes or are in need of an emergency plumber Fairfield, call Soul Plumbing now and we will come as fast as we can to fix your emergency plumbing problem. We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and offer highest standards of Fairfield emergency plumber services.

Got a blocked drain Fairfield?

We are the experts in unblocking drains and we can fix whatever blocked drain that you may have. We offer the best drain clearing equipment to unblock stubborn drains and prevent drains from clogging up quickly again. Be careful which plumbers you may choose to unblock a drain because some plumbers may use inferior drain clearing machines. These machines do not clear the drain thoroughly, leaving part of the blockage in the pipes which can create faster reoccurrences of blocked drains due to accumulated build up. However, you can rest assure that Soul Plumbing offers quality blocked drains Fairfield services that uses superior drain clearing machines that thoroughly unblock your drain. There are many types of blocked drain issues which occur in Fairfield including blocked toilets, blocked sinks, blocked showers, blocked kitchen grease traps and many others. As we all know, blocked drains can be an inconvenience and stop the efficiency of your household or business schedules. Soul Plumbing are your blocked drain experts Fairfield and you can rely upon us to fix any blocked drain issues you may have. If you have a blocked drain problem, contact us today on 0432 715 132 for a fast a reliable service.

What causes a blocked drain?

There are many different causes for blocked drains and there are many different methods for unblocking drains depending on the cause and location of the blockage. Common causes of blocked drains in Fairfield are due to excess build up in pipes. Build ups can be due to excess oils, fats, sludge, hair strands and other heavy matter and materials which enters pipes. Another cause of blocked drains may be due to tree roots blocking the drain. Blocked drains can also be caused by build up of minerals or blockage of foreign objects or matter obstructing the drain pipes.

What to do if you have a blocked drain?

Be cautious of commercial products which claim to unblock drains through pouring harsh chemicals down the drain pipes as these harsh chemicals can weaken and cause damage to pipes. If it is a small blockage, you can try to mix vinegar and baking soda (around 1/3 of a cup each) and pour it down the drain. Leave it for at least one hour and flush it down with hot water. These household products will not be as harsh as some of the commercial drain clearing products that you can find on the market. If you can see the small blockage, you can try to scoop out the gunk with a metal wire hanger, just be careful not to push the gunk further down the drain. If you have a plunger or a drain snake, you can also have a go at unblocking your drain with them, however if all else fails, then you probably have a tough blockage that requires work of a professional plumber.

Our highly skilled and qualified team can assess the cause and best solution for your blocked drain problem. We have the best quality equipment that will clear any drains in Fairfield. We also have drain camera technology which can pinpoint the exact location of the blockage and cause of the blockage. Soul Plumbing will find the best solution to fix any blocked drain issues that you may have in a fast and efficient manner, thereby saving you time and money. If you are looking for the best blocked drain service Fairfield has to offer, call Soul Plumbing now on 0432 715 132.

How to prevent a blocked drain

There are many simple things that can be done to prevent blocked drains. While many of these tips may be common knowledge, it is always nice to have friendly reminders to keep us conscious of how we can prevent an annoying blocked drain. One thing which can be done to prevent blocked drains is by not growing trees outdoors near your driveway or close to any drainage pipes. It may be a surprise to some that they have a blocked drain due to tree roots. This is because tree roots can detect nearby water sources and grow towards the water source, eventually growing around pipes and breaking through them in order to get access to the water. Another simple way to prevent drainage blockage is not to pour down fats and oils down the sink drain when washing the dishes, these are very common causes of blocked kitchen sinks. Find a way to reuse oils or put oils in an oil disposable or garbage disposal. For safety reasons, make sure the oil is not hot when disposing of it. In order to prevent a blocked shower drain and if you or others in your household have many hair strands falling out in the shower, you can purchase a hair catcher to put over your shower drain. This way the hair strands do not fall down the drain thereby reducing build up in the shower drains and prevents shower drain blockages. To prevent a clogged toilet, do not throw sanitary items, baby wipes or anything heavier than tissue paper. Be wary of some products which claim to be flushable such as flushable wipes, as some have still created blockages in toilets.

Blocked Drain Prevention Summary:

  • Don’t plant trees near your drainage pipes.
  • Don’t pour fats, oils and insoluble liquids down your kitchen sink.
  • You can use a hair catcher in the shower.
  • Don’t throw anything heavier than tissue paper in the toilet and be wary of wipes that claim to be flushable.

While the above might be common knowledge, it is always good to have simple reminders once in a while as it can be very easy to ignore these easy preventative measures for the sake of convenience.

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