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List of Pipes Used for Plumbing in Brisbane

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Australians have a bit of a handyman in them. Hence, when something like plumbing goes wrong, they try to fix it before calling in professionals. Plumbing can be a very simple, clean business but sometimes it can be very complex and dirty. With that in mind, anyone living in Brisbane should at least know the different pipes used in plumbing. This article lists all those pipes.

Diverse Shapes and Sizes

Pipes come in all shapes and sizes. Some are made of:

Hard material
Soft material

Certain pipes can:

Withstand water pressure while others cannot.
Cost money, while others can be bought extremely cheap.

So for any plumbing problems at home, know what type of pipe to use.

ABS Pipe

The most common pipe, ABS is made from polymers consisting styrene and acrylonitrile. The pipe is known for its:

Cheap price
Amazing versatility

They’re definitely the go-to pipe for any plumbing problems you may encounter at home. ABS pipes also have these features:

Can be installed on both below and above ground.
Best for vent and drain problems.

Polyethylene Gas Pipe

Often used by plumbers, this pipe has yet another polymer made from organic materials such as ethylene. These pipes are:

Known for their extreme resistance to pressure, rusting and corrosion making them suitable for long term options.
Often used for underground piping systems.

However, you should call a professional for any underground gas leak or related gas problem.

Black Iron Pipes

Another common piping type as most of Queensland had black iron pipe fittings for above ground gas installation when it was first colonized. Even today, most above ground gas installations utilize this iconic piping. Think about these:

As plumbing in Brisbane was founded on this type of piping;
You’ll find black iron pipes at any good hardware store.

For any fault in your above ground gas network, you can definitely try your hand with one of these pipes to fix the problem.

PVC Pipes

One of the most effective pipes use in Brisbane plumbing, you’ll find PVC pipes around your home that have these features:

Very cheap
Works well with water
Never rust from long time use
Mostly used in drainage systems

This pipe’s very accessible to anyone who wants to fix faulty water and drainage systems in and around the home.

All 4 of these pipes are definitely some of the most popular types of piping in Brisbane and the whole of Australia. From this list, remember these pipes when you want to know:

Basic plumbing;
How to fix small plumbing problems in your home.

You can save lots of money as you won’t have to hire a professional. Indeed, everyone can benefit from knowing a thing or two about plumbing.

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