Funny Plumbing Memes shared by your Brisbane Plumber!

Got a plumbing problem? Sometimes a bit of toilet humour is good for the soul.

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In the meantime, here are some funny plumbing memes that might help to distract you from whatever plumbing issue you might face.


Hmm… think he needs an emergency plumber?

 emergency plumber


Don’t underappreciate a good plumbing service.

Don't underappreciate a good plumbing service

Should have thought through the toilet renovations a bit better.

This translates to ‘trust me, I’m an engineer’. Haha! If you are installing a new bathroom, you are better off calling your local plumber.

toilet blocked off


Got a blocked toilet? Maybe your cat and fix it for you. If that fails, call a plumber for all of your blocked drain needs.

 Cat unblocking a blocked toilet

Don’t know what this man can send, but we can send out a good plumber Brisbane!

funny plumbing meme

Fortunately here at Soul Plumbing, we love our job. Not like these guys.

funny plumbing meme

If you’ve got a blocked john or jim or whatever you want to call a blocked toilet. We are here to help.

 funny plumbing meme

Hope you enjoyed these funny plumbing memes, we will let you just let that sink in.


Plumbing problem


If you need a Brisbane plumber or gas fitter, we are your Brisbane 24 hour plumber, available to take your call anytime. We offer many services including: emergency plumber services, gas plumber (gas fitting) services, clearing blocked drains, supply, installation and repairs of hot water systems and any general plumbing or gas fitting services you may require.

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