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List of Pipes Used for Plumbing in Brisbane

soul plumbing man fixing kitchen sink

Australians have a bit of a handyman in them. Hence, when something like plumbing goes wrong, they try to fix it before calling in professionals. Plumbing can be a very simple, clean business but sometimes it can be very complex and dirty. With that in mind, anyone living in Brisbane should at least know the […]

How to Install a New Hot Water Heater by Yourself

Water heater Inspection by plumbing technician

Installing a water heater is rarely an easy job. It’s best left to the professionals. However, there’s always an avid DIY’er ready to do it by himself. If you’re one of those, then you should learn as much as possible about the operation before starting. First, the process will differ between these heaters: GasElectric Each makes […]